Make-up Lesson

Make-up lesson

Whether you are new to make-up or would like to refresh your beautify routine, I am here to help. A make-up lesson is perfect:

  • WHEN YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT SUITS YOU BEST: nobody has ever taught you or you get confused with all the products out there.
  • TO UPDATE YOUR MAKE-UP LOOK: the make-up that suited us in our 20’s no longer do us any favour once we passed the 30’s.
  • YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED IN THE UK OR ABROAD: practice the perfect look for your wedding without the hassle of looking for a make-up artist.

My make-up lesson revolves around the French approach to beauty: looking good without appearing like you have made too much effort. Natural, elegant and timeless with a little ‘je ne sais quoi’.

What is included:


  • Great make-up starts with great skin. A good preparation of the skin is essential prior to any make-up application. 

  • We will go through your skincare routine and products, and adjust it if needed according to your skin type and concerns.

  • I will go through beauty ‘procedures’ that can speed up the time you spend every morning on doing your make-up.


  • We will go through your make-up collection and adjust which products work for you, and the ones that do not. Cosmetic products will be recommended if needed.

  • I will show you how to do a 10-minute day make-up.
  • We will address correcting dark circles, colour correcting and concealing problems like blemishes or acne. All this using whilst leaving the skin with a natural appearance.
  • Creating the perfect pout with lip shades to suit your skin and tricks to enhance the fullness of your own lips.

ADD-ON (only £65 when booked with the above)


  • Smokey eyes: I will show you how to create this timeless look for a glamorous evening.
  • Facial contouring will be revealed: sculpting and shaping your face. How to bring out your natural features and enhancing them.
  • Applying red or bright lipstick perfectly for that special evening.

  • I will show you how to be photo-ready and have your make-up last all night. We will also go through the application of false lashes.

A make-up lesson lasts 2.5 hours. 

Following your lesson, you will get a personalised step-by-step PDF and Face Chart.

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  • BESPOKE MAKE-UP LESSON (SKINCARE & DAY MAKE-UP)                                                                         £175
  • BESPOKE MAKE-UP LESSON (SKINCARE & DAY MAKE-UP & EVENING MAKE-UP)                               £240

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