Make-up Lesson

Make-up lesson

Whether you are new to make-up or would like to refresh your beautifying routine, I am here to help. A make-up lesson is perfect:

  • WHEN YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT SUITS YOU BEST: nobody has ever taught you or you get confused with all the products out there.
  • TO UPDATE YOUR MAKE-UP LOOK: the make-up that suited us in our 20’s no longer do us any favour once we passed the 30’s.
  • YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED ABROAD: practice the perfect look for your wedding with no hassle looking for a make-up artist abroad.

My make-up lesson revolves around the French approach to beauty: looking good without appearing like you have made too much effort. Natural, elegant and timeless with a little ‘je ne sais quoi’.

What is included:


  • Great make-up starts with great skin. A good preparation of the skin is essential prior to any make-up application. 

  • We will go through your skincare routine and products, and adjust it if needed according to your skin type and concerns.

  • I will go through beauty ‘procedures’ that can speed up the time you spend every morning on doing your make-up.


  • We will go through your make-up collection and adjust which products work for you, and the ones that do not. Cosmetic products will be recommended if needed.

  • I will show you how to do a 10 minutes day make-up.
  • We will address correcting dark circles, colour correcting and concealing problem/blemished/acne skin types. All this using durable products whilst leaving the skin with a natural appearance.
  • Creating the perfect pout with lip shades to suit your skin and tricks to enhance the fullness of your own lips.


  • Smokey eyes: I will show you how to create this timeless look for a glamorous evening.
  • Facial contouring will be revealed: sculpting and shaping you face shape. How to bring out your natural features and correcting them where necessary.
  • I will give you tips on how to create a perfect red or bright pout to enhance your natural lips.

  • I will show you how to be photo-ready and have your make-up last all night. We will also go through the application of false lashes.

Whatever you would like to learn, contact me and we can arrange what you would like to focus on during our time together.

A make-up lesson lasts 3 hours. 

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