What We Offer

How do you make sure you look great for your wedding or that special event?

The Beauty Bees will assist you in creating a look you’re comfortable with, by using the best products available for you. We want you to be delighted and to turn heads!

We want you to feel great. We want you to get overwhelmed with compliments. We want you to experience the luxury of being treated like you deserve: as a unique, precious and beautiful woman.

  • When choosing me to help with your hair and make-up for your wedding, I want YOU to have a great experience. Hair and make-up are tailored to YOU in an elegant and modern look.
  • For a make-up lesson, I want YOU to confidently recreate the look that will last you for a good ten years. I take the French approach to beauty to teach you how to create a effortless, chic and timeless look.

The best part is you don’t even have to move because we come to you.

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Bridal Make-up

Look your best on your Special Day.

Make-up Lesson (Online & in Person)

Look your best everyday.


Everything you need to plan your Wedding…stress-free.

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It is in our interest to deliver the best service to you!