Simplify your wedding planning process

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. The to-do list seems to be never ending.

I have created a couple of planners to help you make the process easy and stress-free.

Excellent for:
Planning your wedding.
Simple and streamlined to avoid overwhelm, enable clarity and get things done.

You can write on the planner.
For more flexibility, you could use Post it Notes and rearrange them as your plans or appointments change.

Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming with all the things you have to think of and do. This planner will help you remain calm and organised during this happy process.

This Wedding Planner is inspired by the Kanban method.

Kanban is a process designed to help you work on a project more effectively while not overloading you with lots of tasks. There are 3 sections in a Kanban: To Do, Doing and Done.

How it works?
1. Write down all your tasks on post-it notes and place them on the “To Do” section.
2. Pick 5 priority tasks from your “To Do” section and place them on your “Doing” section. By picking only 5 tasks you avoid overwhelm.
3. Finally, place all completed tasks on the “Done” section so you can see your progress and feel good about your achievement.

:: 6 Love Art Printable A6 (14.8 x 10.5cm) ::

6 Greetings/Love Celebration Cards all designed on a vintage dictionary page -the ‘Love’ definition page.
Can be turned into a Mini Art Prints if you decide to Frame the images.

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